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Panoramic view of Turner Farms

Turner Alpaca Farm is located in South-Central Wisconsin between Belleville and Monticello in the heart of Green County, just minutes from the Central Illinois border and less than one hour from Madison WI. Our peaceful farm is home to a growing herd of 23 HUACAYA alpacas and two llamas. The ancestry of our animals can be traced to Peru, Bolivia, and Chile. We breed for a variety of colors and bloodlines. Our "hands-on" approach to raising alpacas is evident by their gentleness. Contact us for stories about raising these fascinating animals, farm set-up advice, alpaca products, alpaca sales information, or breeding services.

Alpaca Products -- Alpacas grow a thick layer of wool which we shear once a year and then have spun into yarn at a local mill. Turner Farms yarn is available in 150-yard skeins and a variety of natural colors. Alpaca wool is lanolin-free and hypoallergenic which makes it an excellent choice for those allergic to traditional sheep-wool products. We also produce Alpaca wool roving, blended Alpaca batting and can supply raw Alpaca fiber for a variety of uses.

Hay for Sale -- Turner Farms also raises over 400 acres of high-quality alfalfa hay which is sold locally and around the nation.

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